This is Us

Our huge Victorian farm house on 4+ acres has gone to the dogs! Friends and family have always trusted us to care for their dogs. While traveling, working, etc., doggie parents have peace of mind knowing that their furkids are having a blast at our country home. I just wish they would leave room for me in the bed.  Forty+ years of working with dogs led us to open the Loveland Dog Club back in 2006. Upon retirement in 2011, we began working with special needs families and organizations that needed specialized training.


We don't leave the building at closing time, turn off the lights and leave until morning like some boarding facilities.  This is our home, and while your dog is with us it's his/her home too.


Aside from training and placing dogs as special needs companions, we train seizure alert dogs and service dogs. These Dog are our "Super Hero Dogs".  They do a great job! We are always so touched by the bond between dog and human.  Finding the right dog for a very special person is a big responsibility and we don't take it lightly. It's a time-consuming process worth every minute.  

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