dog training

Our "Super Hero Service Dogs"

Uniquely Trained Dogs for Adults and Children with Special Needs


"Super Hero Dogs" are dogs carefully chosen for their temperament, ability to bond to a human, and to meet the needs of that individual and their lifestyle. Each dog is then trained, vetted for health, tested for temperament and exposed to many different social situations. Seizure Alert, Service Dogs, Emotional Companions, and more.

It can take anywhere from 60-90 days, or several months of training for most of our SHDs.  Some of our dogs are raised from puppies and require a year or more of training. Dogs raised from puppies usually have more advanced training and serve as specialty companions as well as helpers in every day life. 


Training includes potty training, basic obedience training, socialization with people, kids, dogs, crate training, leash work, and so much more.  Most of the training is done in our home with our family and friends. In the end you will get a really great companion dog that fits into your lifestyle and your unique needs.  

If you are looking for a Specialized Companion Dog for yourself or a loved one, please contact Rackel Ward for a consultation.  A well-trained companion dog can change your life, bringing joy and companionship to people with special needs of all ages. We do the work, you get a great companion.