Dog Training & Dog/Puppy Boarding School

Get training for your dog during their stay with us. Keep their minds and bodies active and happy. We create personalized programs for you and your dog.  Daycare training and Boarding School in our home. Puppy Boarding School Programs, 3 week programs that will give you a huge head start on your new puppy's behavior. Ask us about all we have to offer.  We will teach your puppy crate training, commands, potty training, good doggie manners, and how to be groomed - all taught in our home with our family and our dogs. It doesn't get any better than this! Call us 970-492-5280

Private Dog Training Family Style

One-on-One Training with Rackel Ward.  You and your dog can take one lesson or a group of lessons.  We encourage the whole family to participate in training. Kids too! Learn, ask questions.  A trained dog is happy dog.  We train at our facility or your home.  We train all types of Dogs.

Need a Vet Referral?  We can help you find the right Vet for you. Need to know more about food/nutrition, treats, toys?  We can help with all that.